Tianjin Desalination Plant (China)

China’s largest desalination plant


One of China’s largest seawater desalination plants, the State Development & Investment Corporation (SDIC ) power plant is a complex which was designed based on a circular economy approach,  where power, desalinated water, and salt are co-generated. 

The Tianjin desalination plant provides high-quality drinking water for the local population, as well as industrial process water for the power plant.

In the SDIC complex, the waste heat from the power plants is utilized as a heat source for the MED, while the brine from the MED is used for salt production. 

  • Capacity: 8 X 25,000 (two phases)
  • Technology: Multi Effect Distillation (MED)
  • Water Source: Seawater
  • Contract type: Engineering ,Supply, Supervision of erection, startup and commisioning
  • Location: Tianjin, China
  • Customer: SDIC
  • Usage: potable water, industrial process water
  • Commissioning date: 2010, 2013


  • Superior Thermal efficiency (GOR 15)

    Designed to endure a wide variety of conditions:
    ambient temperature (-20 to +40c),  motive steam pressure,  and seawater temperature and salinity.

  • Part of a Circular Economy complex - a win-win concept (power, desalinated water, salt)

  • Trusted long-term partnership

    After the successful installation of the first 4 units (8) in 2010, SDIC selected IDE to expand the desalination plant in 2013 and reach a total capacity of 200,000 m3/day.

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