The Prospect Lake Clean Water Center (USA)

Fort Lauderdale’s Innovative Water Treatment Plant


IDE Technologies in partnership with Ridgewood Infrastructure were unanimously selected as preferred bidder under an unsolicited P3 proposal to build a new water treatment plant at the Prospect Wellfield site in Fort Lauderdale replacing the existing aging Fiveash water treatment plant.

The new water plant will deliver clear, clean, safe potable water to residents with a state-of-the-art membrane-based water treatment facility and will strengthen and improve the sustainability of Fort Lauderdale’s water supply. This project represents a remarkable collaboration between public and private industry partners, with the development of a new collaborative model for implementing P3 transactions in water treatment in the US, adopting an innovative approach to financing.

Award winning project for the Best P3 Utility Project of the Year (2023) 

“We are thrilled to be partnered both with Fort Lauderdale and IDE, and to have the opportunity to support the modernization of this community’s critical water infrastructure.” 

Ross Posner, Managing Partner of Ridgewood Infrastructure


  • Capacity: 189,250 m³/day (50MGD)
  • Technology: Nanofiltration (NF), Ion Exchange (IX),
  • Water source: Ground water (Biscayne Aquifer)
  • Contract type: P3 for 30 years
  • Usage: Potable Water
  • Location : Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
  • Customer: City of Fort Lauderdale
  • Commissioning date: 2026


  • Technological & Environmental Leadership:

    The new plant will feature various treatment technologies such as pressurized multi-media filters, stripping towers, nanofiltration and ion exchange for color removal.

  • Optimized Electricity & Chemical Consumption



  • A Category 5 Hurricane-proof Plant



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