Dos Bocas Project (Mexico)

Large Scale River Water Treatment Plant


The Dos Bocas Petrochemical Pretreatment Project by PEMEX marks a significant milestone in water treatment for the petrochemical industry. The facility, designed by IDE Technologies, aims to produce ultra-pure water (UPW) for the Cogeneration plant of the Dos Bocas refinery, located in the state of Tabasco on the Gulf Coast of Mexico. This refinery is recognized as one of Mexico’s largest.

In close collaboration with IDE Technologies, Techint Engineering & Construction plays a key role in the success of this project, serving as the primary client supporting the innovation and quality of IDE Technologies’ design. This project represents the first large-scale brackish water treatment plant designed by IDE Technologies, utilizing water from the Gonzales River located 20 km away as a source for the petrochemical industry.

River water often contains impurities and minerals that can be detrimental to refining processes. The Dos Bocas Project, backed by Techint, overcomes these challenges through advanced water treatment technologies, thereby enhancing the quality of water used in various refinery applications.

The project design includes a Pretreatment Plant (PPA) with a design flow of 102,833 cubic meters per day and a Demineralized Water Plant (UDA) with a capacity of 27,847 cubic meters per day. These treatment processes incorporate advanced desalination techniques, membrane technologies, and customized filtration methods. They work synergistically to effectively remove salts, minerals, and impurities from the river water, ensuring the production of demineralized water that meets the stringent standards required by the refinery.

  • Capacity: PPA approximately 103 MLD, UDA almost 28 MLD
  • Technology: BWRO [PPA - Softeners, Flocculators, Lamella Clarifiers, Disc Filters, Sludge treatment, and Dewatering system; UDA – UF, Cartridge Filters, RO – double pass system, CEDI (Continuous Electrodeionization)]
  • Contract type: Engineering Procurement + Supervision of construction phase + Management of the commissioning
  • Usage: Refinery Industrial water
  • Location : Mexico
  • Customer: Techint Engineering & Construction
  • End Client: Dos Bocas Refinery (Pemex - Mexican Governmental oil company)
  • Commissioning date: PPA (2023), UDA (2024)


  • Efficient Collaboration

    The PPA plant is constructed as a modular facility containing identical operating units (IDE’s custom-made prefabricated: lamellas, softening, and clarification systems). This provides Techint with better flexibility, reliability, and availability, as well as reducing delivery time and costs.

  • Prominent Innovation

    IDE has successfully used, for the first time, large-scale Continuous Electrodeionization (CEDI) systems to provide high-capacity ultra-pure water (with a continuously guaranteed conductivity lower than 0.1 microsiemens/cm).

  • Commitment to Excellence

    IDE successfully completed a demanding performance test for the PPA plant (pretreatment plant), providing high-quality, low-hardness, and low-solids water for the entire state-of-the-art Dos Bocas refinery

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