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Tradition of Innovation

IDE has always been at the forefront of innovation, dedicating considerable resources to recruiting and assembling one of the industry’s largest and most experienced engineering and R&D teams and investing in a growing R&D center.
We have more than 90 granted and pending patents within our extensive IP portfolio, as well as numerous technological innovations that make desalination plants more sustainable.  This enables IDE to offer its clients economical, efficient and reliable solutions that lead to reduced CAPEX andOPEX costs while generating a solid positive environmental impact.



Our Innovative Technological Breakthroughs

IDE has become a leader in the water and wastewater industry by offering innovative  cost-effective solutions. At IDE, we don’t innovate just for innovation’s sake, but rather use our experience, expertise and dedicated R&D and engineering teams to develop tailor made technologies and solutions that solve the needs and challenges of our clients. Our technological advancements are powered by a tradition of innovation and help to create access to purified water for millions worldwide. 

Over the years our innovative solutions and positive impact on the world have received global recognition from the entire water industry and beyond. This recognition is reflected in the numerous awards we have won, among them, MIT’s “Top 50 Smartest Companies”, the GWI award for “Desalination Company of the Year”, the Membrane Facility of the Year” at the 2017 Membrane Technology Conference, the prestigious GWI “Desalination Plant of the Year” for the Carlsbad plant, the 2020 GWI Distinction Award for “Wastewater Project of the Year” (for the Koyambedu Tertiary Treatment RO Plant), the ”Emerging Technology Award” by Mechanical Engineering Magazine, the “World Technology Award for Environment” by the World Technology Network, the Fortune’s “2016 Change the World” list which recognized 50 companies that are taking on society’s biggest problems, and many more.



Innovative Water Solutions for Every Challenge

Seawater Desalination
In response to increasing water demand and strict water quality regulations, desalination has become increasingly important in ensuring a sufficient supply of fresh water. As the pioneer of some of the largest desalination facilities in the world, IDE has demonstrated its innovative capabilities through the design and construction of both membrane and thermal desalination plants worldwide.


Industrial Water Treatment
IDE’s economical, sustainable and reliable water treatment solutions transform industrial wastewater treatment challenges into valuable water assets. Our innovative brine management solutions, based on our proprietary  MAXH2O product line, minimize brine volume, maximize fresh water recovery, reduce disposal costs and meet regulatory requirements.


Municipal Water Reuse
Municipal and local governments face increasing populations, industrial growth, stricter regulations, and a declining supply of fresh water as a result of climate change.
IDE partners with municipalities around the world to overcome these challenges in smart, efficient, eco-friendly and economical ways. Our services include everything required to design, maintain and upgrade water and wastewater treatment facilities to address the diverse water, wastewater and biosolids treatment needs of municipalities around the world.


Harnessing Innovation to Drive Energy Efficiency

The goal of improving energy efficiency has always been a priority at IDE. As part of our ongoing efforts to reduce the power consumption of our desalination plants, we continually evaluate, analyze, and work to improve their operation. In doing so, we consider both the amount and cost of energy as well as the source of energy.