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Multi-State Salinity Coalition 2020 Annual Summit

Published: 26/02/20

IDE Technologies presenting at the Multi-State Salinity Coalition


The Multi-State Salinity Coalition (MSSC) Annual Salinity Summit brings together leaders in the water industry to exchange information that is critical to developing and implementing policies for effective desalination programs. By promoting advancements in technologies for desalination and reuse, salinity control strategies, water and energy efficiencies and related public policies, these experts aim to assist communities in meeting their water treatment needs.

At the summit, IDE Technologies will present a poster highlighting the need to reduce brine and industrial effluents that are byproducts of multiple water treatment processes. With the MAXH2O DESALTER, a state of the art reverse osmosis (RO) solution, which includes an integrated salt precipitation unit for high recovery applications, brine and industrial effluents minimization can be maximized. By eliminating the constraints of water chemistry, the solution pushes the mechanical potential of the RO process to its limits and has the capability to achieve recovery rates of up to 98%, the highest within the industry.

 Multi-State Salinity Coalition Annual Salinity Summit: February 26-28, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada